A roadmap to inclusive leadership: reasonable accommodations (key no7)

Denis Boudreau
13 min readNov 24, 2023
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Over the past few weeks, we’ve explored various facets of what it takes to be an inclusive leader, and the time has come today to get to the 7th key on our roadmap: reasonable accommodations. While each of the previous keys lays an important foundation in the overarching picture of a truly inclusive workplace, this one often serves as the litmus test for inclusivity within organizations. If you’re new to the concept, don’t fret! Reasonable accommodations are simply adjustments or modifications offered to employees — oftentimes those with disabilities, but accommodations can just as easily be provided in other contexts as well — enabling them to perform their roles effectively.

But what do reasonable accommodations look like in real life? To offer you a complete, tangible understanding of reasonable accommodations, we’re going to again look through the lenses of three personas: John, an inclusive people manager whom we’ve met in previous posts. Alongside John, two of his employees, Sanjay, who is diagnosed with ADHD, and Lizzy, who has vestibular disorders, both of whom we’ve also met before. Their stories will not only elucidate the key concepts we’ll be discussing today but will also show how reasonable accommodations directly impact people, culture, and performance.

As I hope you’ll see today, reasonable accommodations are not only about meeting legal mandates. They’re about creating workplaces where everyone has the chance and the means to succeed. John, Sanjay, and Lizzy are here to show us how it’s done.

Setting the stage with John’s leadership philosophy

As we’ve discovered in earlier posts, John is an experienced people manager who has made it his mission to lead inclusively and recognizes the need to go beyond what’s mandated by law to create a truly welcoming and accessible workplace. A firm believer that reasonable accommodations are an essential aspect of an environment where each team member can contribute to their full potential, he understands that the nuances of disability inclusion are often complex… but also knows that the payoff in terms of employee well-being and productivity is well worth the effort.



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