Inclusive design as a way to improve your professional batting average

Tell me… What brings you pride and joy in your work, and what about that is connected to your own purpose?

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Measuring the worth of my own contribution is pretty straightforward: if at the end of a busy day, I can close my laptop, kick my feet up and feel like I’ve made a significant difference to the world by having contributed something meaningful, then I can consider that day to be one that was well spent.

What’s your professional batting average?

How do you measure your own professional batting average? If your ability to maintain that batting average as high as you’d like is challenging, then why is that? Is there a disconnect? Are you missing something? What is it that drives YOU to do the work you do?

Tenet no1: As a web professional, accessibility should be more about the journey than about the destination

Accessibility leaves a sour taste in the mouth of everyone involved and reinforces the limiting belief that accessibility is only about constraints, blood, sweat, and tears, as opposed to being a celebration of the opportunity to empower millions of additional people to access information in a way that works for them.

Tenet no2: Accessibility won’t be as painful, if you accept to approach it progressively

What makes accessibility difficult is the sheer amount of details and moving parts. The technicality and opacity of the rules. The diversity of disabilities people live with. The multitude of use cases that define human experiences. The complexity of technology stacks. Our attitude towards it.

Tenet no3: Accessibility has the power to change people’s lives and make them feel like they matter

It always amazes me how the majority of people in our industry seem to conveniently forget that their job is not to create the next cool thing with design and code. Their job, first and foremost, is to be the transmission belt through which organizations can successfully communicate a message, a service, a product, or a brand to the masses.

We as web professionals have an opportunity to connect with a deeper sense of purpose. We can find new, unsuspected meanings in the job that we do. We can take new pride, find new joy in our work, knowing that the outcome of what we create truly makes a difference in other people’s lives.

The UX Collective donates US$1 for each article published on our platform. This story contributed to World-Class Designer School: a college-level, tuition-free design school focused on preparing young and talented African designers for the local and international digital product market. Build the design community you believe in.

I write about digital inclusion, but there are many other topics I’d rather be writing about! Help me make the web more inclusive so I can finally get to those.

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